We are family
But our standards are strict

We are Danube Petfoods, a family owned company, and we prepare dry, cold-pressed and extruded dog and cat food. A family business with more than 30 years of experience in the international agricultural food chain and with strong relationships with local farmers from the Danube Region brings to the market the food of the finest quality. Our super tasty dog and cat food is inspired by nature and therefore sourced exclusively from nature. Our recipes are full of the finest meat, fresh fat and vegetables. At the end of the production process, we fill the kibbles with plenty of fresh fat and a super tasty gravy, which makes our food extra delicious for cats and dogs. Simplicity with an idea to treat pets and their digestive system just as the nature would, and did, for thousands of years.

To maintain work within a family means to apply standards even higher than those obtained in more formally regulated management teams of a corporation. This is because honesty is never to be corrupted among those who have dedicated lives and passion to each other, and to the work. Key quality inspectors in Danube Petfoods are, therefore, responsibility and trust, while we do firmly believe that without those, no genuine quality can ever be reached.