Danube Petfoods modern pet food factory will provide
high quality ingredients from Danube region
processed to high quality pet food.

What we do

We prepare dry, cold-pressed and extruded dog and cat food.
Our recipes are full of the finest meat, fresh fat and vegetables sourced from the Danube region. At the end of the production process, we fill the kibbles with plenty of fresh fat and a super tasty gravy, which makes our food extra delicious for cats and dogs. Simplicity with an idea to treat pets and their digestive system just as the nature would, and did, for thousands of years.

If you are interested in our products, contact us.

Our Brands

Danube Pet Foods produces several types of dry food that are divided into different brands. Each brand has its own specific features in the form of different technology and ingredients. For more information on a specific brand please click on the link below.

From the Danube region

As being predominantly agricultural and having a thousand-year tradition of food production, the large Danube region offers us carefully chosen ingredients from reliable farms. Since we mainly use meat, vegetables, and herbs from the nearest suppliers in the region, we avoid a long and risky transportation from remote countries. In unique Danube Petfoods kitchen materials are always fresh and full of nutritious and important ingredients – as close as possible to the natural form.

Our neighbors are our suppliers. Their farms - our grocery stores.

Private Label Pet Food

We can help you develop new formulas for your private label pet food or you can choose one of our standard recipes. It can be cold pressed dog food in your private label packaging or it can be extruded. Whatever option is better for you just give us a call or send us an e-mail.